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Donate now to feed a family in need!

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"There is nothing in the house to eat!"

Most of us have said this at some time in our lives. But, what if that was the truth rather than melodrama? For too many families this is a fact of life. The cost of keeping a roof over their head or meeting medical needs means that no food in the house is a reality breeds fear, stress and anguish. It also breeds isolation and shame. This is where Feeding Hands comes in... to provide food and hope in a transformative environment that reduces isolation and depression as we alleviate hunger. We send out groceries with a healthy dose of empathy and connection, getting to know our guests who come to us for help. Many of our guests consider Feeding Hands to be their family. We truly care for them providing an average of $100 of food on each family visit.

Partner with us in transformative food ministry where stewardship is valued and where each $100 donation provides $500 of groceries delivered with compassion!